A style icon recognized worldwide for its beauty and versatility – the Capri sandal – made to measure and personalized in its various details, is a unique product…

The main successful innovations do not reside in the “product’s” inherent characteristics, but more and more often concern the way to present and spread it on the global market.

We at Desposito Capri – through the experience acquired and success obtained from our format and products reputed and appreciated for their unique features (inherent in the 100% customizable soles and uppers ) by demanding customers and on an international level – have decided to expand our network – seeking really motivated partners – so that together with us they may seize the opportunities provided by a very interesting business in continuous growth and evolution in the most interesting world markets.

Based on years of work our knowledge and expertise will allow those interested in expanding their own business or embarking on a new one by opening a franchise in a corner (inside shops or already existing businesses) or new outlets.

In addition to the special technical training (for making sandals) and that aimed at educating the sales force, we are able to provide all you need to produce and market a unique sandal, 100% personalized, identifiable as such as the utmost expression of luxury and which can be considered to be not just well crafted, but 100% Made in Italy, not only in Capri … but in every corner of the world.

If you are interested in opening a new outlet or a corner in a shop or in any business that exists already…