Our sandals are produced by expert hands using only and exclusively galvanised pins (they are not stuck on), and incorporate a series of ideas and designs aimed at developing and a unique product that is characterised by a series of elements and features that give shape to our concept of luxury: luxury in simplicity.


Our soles – 100% Made in Italy – are made in real Tuscan leather obtained from tanning using vegetable extracts. Each piece is finished by preserving the original veining of the leather. The grooving on the insole and the natural-cotton stitching are hand-made. Each sole is certified and guaranteed by the official “Tuscan leather” trademark.

Our heel is entirely made with layers of overlapping leather (and not wood, which is a cheaper but less valuable and less functional material). The guarantee of this special process gives the product a quality of a fine yet functional style, and is also ensured by the slanted cut made according to the internal angle of the heel itself.

As testament to our respect for the environment, all the materials that we use are 100% natural, including the anti-slip rubber in line with the heel and the central “blue heart” of the sole. This element gives the sandal a uniquely stylish feature. For the first time we have managed to differentiate and customise a sole, making it more than just an upper footwear element, but an element of style and elegance in full respect of the craft traditions of Capri.

The last great innovation, designed to preserve the beauty of our sandals over time, is our use of “pins” when we manufacture the soles. These are the characteristic tacks used to secure the upper part to the sole that are subject to a galvanising process, making the sole more resistant to corrosive and oxidative processes, thus preventing them from blackening.


Simplicity and elegance, the right balance between tradition and innovation, and our ability to create a personalised product are the simple rules that make our collections stand out from the rest.

The delicate colour of the leather, the blue of the natural rubber like the sea of Capri, the vivid colours of the leather strips that form the uppers, the sparkle and brilliance of certified Swarovski stones… the true luxury is in simplicity.