D’ESPOSITO and CAPRI are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, and of simplicity and elegance. What motivates our choices is the quest for the highest levels of quality, attention to detail and each and every individual feature. During the development and production of every component, nothing – absolutely nothing – is left to chance, but is the result of a thorough and careful search for a combination of style and functionality.

Our production of a sole that is completely unlike any other, that also boasts the certification of being registered as a decorative model, was motivated by our desire to offer our customers a totally unique sandal that was valuable not just in its traditional “aesthetic” components.

The result is there for all to see: a product with a well-defined and unique identity, that immediately stands out on first glance. With our soles, no pair of sandals will be equal to the next. This is the starting point for what we consider the real concept of luxury, “luxury in simplicity“…


If life is made for climbing stairs, then Capri is life“…this anonymous phrase underscores the essence of one of the most beautiful and evocative places in the world; an island known for its invaluable natural beauty as well as its illustrious history. It is a place to be discovered in all of its hidden corners, accessible only by sea or by the impervious streets that are often truncated by stairs carved into the limestone rock. One of these roads leads to where the Emperor Tiberius took residence in the last years of governing his great empire. Here at Capri, the myth of Tiberius and the origins of the sandal are intertwined. It is said that he arrived at his imperial villa with a pair or sandals at his feet, with a stiff sole and leather straps wrapping around the ankle.
Centuries later, those same sandals, having undergone the necessary changes over time through progress and fashion trends, have become a style icon, the symbol of authentically Italian craftsmanship, which is also distinctive of Capri.


All our shoes are designed and produced in Capri. At our store in Anacapri, in viale Axel Munthe no. 12, just a short walk from the famous Villa San Michele, you will disocver all the latest innovations that are the result of the fancy and imagination of our shoe-makers. Our shop is not the classic window display format, but an artisan workshop where tastes, fashions and trends combine to produce some truly unique models. Each sandal is custom-made and can be personalised according to the customer’s preferences.