Our Capri sandals are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, simplicity and elegance.

A line of jewelled sandals made with certified Swarovski jewellery and opaque-coloured stones. The result is a simple and elegant series of models that are luxurious in their simplicity.


Simple strips of coloured leather for a sandal with clean and elegant lines. The Swarovski additions lend an extra touch of light and colour. With these sandals, every step will be an expression of joy and brilliance.


Very thin strips of pastel-coloured leather secure a lasting combination with decorated plates and metal elements. For sandals that incorporate the symbols, reflections and colours of one of the most beautiful places in the world: the island of Capri.





Small corner or new store: our franchising format

Style icon, born in Capri and now known throughout the world through the spread of “Capri” fashion and the “Positano”, recognized worldwide for its beauty and versatility, the Capri sandal of ​​Desposito Capri – tailor-made and customised – is a unique product in its various details, a “must” for those who love luxury in simplicity.

Every year – precisely because of these characteristics – the world’s most demanding public chose it as one of the finest examples of craftsmanship and style Made in Italy.

Our product – distinguished from the others for the unique nature of its functional, quality, and styling features, and above all for its high degree of customization – has now made its mark with a cluster of the most demanding customers worldwide.

What is the ingredient needed to spread it further, while seizing the big business opportunities in a now global market? The great passion… which is to unite us in everything we do.

If you are interested in opening a new sales outlet or a corner in a shop or any business that exists already…